by Tony Harries

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Office Party 02:53
Hedonism at the office party The Roman Empire had nothing on this Sip of sherry and we've all gone hearty Try for thigh and a drunken kiss.
With a cut glass voice that'll stop you dead And the healthy glow of a set well-bred Not a mark on her well-toned skin That captures the light like porcelain
A sartorial socialist Whose views you've chosen to dismiss I'm smart at heart, just not a slob Your views on me make you a snob.
I met her on a river cruise Between the bingo and the vat of booze The moon reflected of her varicose veins And her laughter sounded like clearing drains.
Middle class kids at play Take their holiday To places by the sea Where they pretend they're free
The Suit 02:58
Protects me when I take a stroll I'm always out on fashion patrol The Cut's the best and the people know Made by the gnomes of Savile Row
Hipster 03:54
I like real ale but drink Dubonnet. Oh my life's a blast. Read The Chap, life's ironic. Love a shipping forecast. I'm Oscar lite, I'm Stephen dark. A word for every time I tut so loud at what you're wearing. That tie's a fashion crime.
Let me tell you all 'bout the beautiful people. It's hard being pretty in an ugly world. Hard drinking claret when they're all on lager, And trying for the well-turned curl.
You want the answer when you watch a quiz If he gets it wrong he's in such a tizz It can't be true when he's not been called His mouth runs free, but his brain's been walled.
Big Fuhrer 03:14
The General in charge of the awkward squad Put a wall in the way, and act like they're God. Think all the boys are hers to command But they laugh at her back, and think she's so bland.
Ugly Me 04:27
Ugly me. Thoughts are rotten Hair a mess and a face like a bottom Ugly me. You need tequila Or more lines from your cocaine dealer
While others fight for beauty, you just fight to breathe In this game of life, you've no cards up your sleeve. As you see a mirror, you turn the other way. That empty face reminds you, you've got nothing left to say.
Nellie and her nicotine She smokes like a factory Her clothes have a yellow sheen Covered in nicotine.
Facebook God Lord of Instagram My opinions carry weight I stick it to the man Say what I think on my hate-filled blog My fan-base is large Two men and a dog


Tony Harries is back and this is his most personal comedy/satirical journey yet. Full of memories from the past and people he has known. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR. PUT THIS ON, TAP YOUR FEET AND SMILE A LOT.
This new download comedy/satire CD is a concept cd. Side One (tracks 1 - 7) are called Collar and Tie, while Side Two (8-14) are called Socks and Undies.
You just can't seriously have one without the other!


released March 17, 2017

The marvellous cover is done by the artist El Davo.
The songs were written by Tony Harries
Recorded at Plantagenet Studio
Vocals, Guitars, Synth and Sitar: Tony Harries
Bass, Drums and Synth: G. Plantagenet
Produced by Tony Harries


all rights reserved



Tony Harries UK

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